Learn the basics of rock climbing in this introductory class. Participants will be equipped with knowledge on specialized climbing gear, how to minimize risk, correct belay technique, climbing terminology, and etiquette. Upon completion of the class, participants will be prepared for the Belay Certification Test, which once certified, allows increased access to the USNWC climbing area, roped climbs, and auto belays. Pricing: $20/person (includes Belay Test); please pre-register online (registration coming soon).

Meet at the Climbing Center.

Thursday, April 25 – 4:00pm

Long boat racing is a discipline of its own in the world of whitewater. In this demo, learn from pro-kayaker Chris Hipgrave about the technique behind paddling a long boat, as well as the mental and physical aspects of racing. A limited quantity of Pyranha 12R long boats will be provided. Previous whitewater experience, a solid roll, and gear (paddle, PFD, skirt, helmet) required.

Meet at the Kayak Center.

Thursday, April 25 – 5:00pm

Put down the GPS and pick up your map and compass as you learn all about the art of wayfinding. This clinic teaches the basics of orienteering, including an overview of map features and important symbols, parts of a compass, and how to effectively use both for navigation.

Meet at the Adventure Pavilion.

Friday, April 26 – 2:00pm

Dial in your technique for loops, cartwheels, and more in this Intermediate Freestyle Kayaking clinic. USNWC staff will cover skill building and essential techniques for freestyle. A solid roll and prior whitewater paddling experience is required. All guests must bring a PFD, helmet, skirt, and paddle, as well as wear closed toe shoes. Come prepared to be in the water. Participants must have a Day Pass, Single Activity Pass, or Annual Pass to participate.

Meet at the Kayak Center.

Friday, April 26 – 11:00am

Demo Pyranha Kayak‘s new FusionDuo tandem whitewater kayak, sharing the cockpit with a pro Pyranha athlete. Each tandem session will last 30 minutes, allowing for two splashy laps on either the Wilderness or Competition Channel. Signups will be available in the Kayak Center starting the morning of Friday, April 26 and cost $15. Previous whitewater experience and gear (paddle, PFD, skirt, helmet) required.

Meet at the Kayak Center.

Friday, April 26 – 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Saturday, April 27 – 10:00am – 2:00pm

Learn about the planning and reality of taking on a thru-hiking trip. Experienced backpacker Ryan Berry will be sharing the lessons he learned from hiking both the AT and PCT. The clinic will cover everything from packing to safety to route setting and more.

Meet in Conference Room D.

Saturday, April 27 – 11:00am

Looking for ways to downsize your pack? Join Rockgeist founder Greg Hardy to learn how to make various DIY camping stoves and accessories from materials you can find in your home. This clinic will include a discussion of various stoves, demonstrations, and information to take home to make your own stove.

Meet in Conference Room D.

Saturday, April 27 – 12:00pm

Bikepacking combines the freedom of multi-day, backcountry travel with the joys and thrills of riding a bike. In this introductory class, participants will learn about the materials, strategy, and gear crucial to any bikepacking adventure.

Meet in Conference Room D.

Saturday, April 27 – 1:00pm

Learn the basics of backcountry survival and preventative measures you can take for your next adventure during the Basic Wilderness Survival clinic. The USNWC Outdoor School staff will provide a brief overview of the seven priorities of survival, including positive mental attitude, fire craft, shelter building, and more.

Meet at the Adventure Pavilion.

Saturday, April 27 – 3:00pm

Learn about the native snakes of North Carolina, their adaptations, and why snakes are essential to the food chain. The program will include a live native snake demonstration and is great for the entire family to attend.

Meet at the Adventure Pavilion.

Saturday, April 27 – 4:00pm

The #TuckFest Photo Comp is open and available to anyone at Tuck Fest with a camera, video camera, or camera phone. Simply post a photo or short video (60 seconds or less) of a scene at Tuck Fest to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Make sure you use the hashtag #tuckfest and tag @usnwc in your post. The top three entries will be selected to win a USNWC prize pack. Entries must be posted by Sunday night (4/22) at 11:00pm to be entered to win. #TuckFest Photo Comp Winners will be selected the week after Tuck Fest.