Flatwater SUP Race

Sunday morning’s Flatwater SUP Race is perfect for both the new paddler wanting to test out their racing skills as well as the seasoned and elite level racer alike. Both the recreational 1.25 mile and the advanced 2.5 mile distances circumnavigate Sadler Island on the Catawba River. Participants are encouraged to bring their own gear. Board lengths for the recreational 1.25 mile race must be below 12′. The advanced 2.5 mile race is open to all board lengths. Limited SUP equipment (board, paddle, PFD) will be provided on a first come, first serve basis.

Sunday, April 28 – 9:30am

Race starts and finishes at the Flatwater Dock. View the Flatwater SUP Course Map here. Register for any SUP race here.

View the Flatwater SUP results here.