Start things off on the right foot or relax and unwind from a busy day at Tuck Fest with any of our various yoga sessions. Each 60 minute practice is open to all festival guests and will be led by a local instructor.

Participants should bring: water bottle & yoga mat.

Come out and compete in a fun and safe environment at the Kids Obstacle Challenge. This self-timed race challenges kids to complete out Obstacle Challenge Course, located just below the River Course along the Wilderness Channel. Featuring 10 varying obstacles, this race puts your speed and strength to the test. Kids will finish the race by climbing to the top of the knot rope and ringing the bell. Active parental support is encouraged on the course. Participants must be ages 8-12 and weigh over 45lbs. The Kids Obstacle Challenge begins at the times listed below for each day however times must be turned into the Tuck Fest Info Booth (see festival map for location) by 7:00pm on Friday, 4:00pm on Saturday and 2:00pm on Sunday to be in the running for prizes.

Learn basic survival information and preventative measures that you can take on your next back-country experience during Survival 101. Our Outdoor School staff will provide a brief overview of the seven priorities of survival, including positive mental attitude, fire craft, shelter building and more.

The Bouldering Competition will feature a number of boulder problems of varying difficulty levels which will be fun and challenging for both skilled and new climbers. This competition will take place on the 12 foot bouldering wall within the USNWC’s Climbing Center.

Participants must bring their own crash pads.

Participants should check in 30 minutes prior to the event and there will be a competitors’ meeting 10 minutes before the start.

Grab your goggles and head to the Catawba River for Swim the Ford, Tuck Fest’s open water swimming race. Named after the Tuckaseegee Ford, this race will feature a sprint triathlon distance (.75k) and an Olympic triathlon distance (1.5k) near the flatwater dock. The shorter distance will be a single lap format, while the longer distance will be two laps.

This race is not intended for recreational swimming (ie: playing in the water), and swimmers should be confident in their own abilities as this is a self-assisted race. In order to participate, swimmers are required to bring their own brightly colored swim cap.

Lace up and hit the trails during the Tuck Fest Half Marathon trail race, held on a variety of routes within the USNWC’s trail system. This two-lap course, running 13.1 miles along the Catawba River, will get your blood flowing and start your Tuck Fest Saturday off on the right foot. This event is a part of the Whitewater Race Series Half Marathon Series presented by La Sportiva.

2016 Course Map

2016 Results

2015 Results

Looking to participate in a distance race a little shorter than the Half Marathon? Give the Tuck Fest Quarter Marathon a shot. This one-lap race will put you on the same trails as the Half Marathon, but covers roughly 6.5 miles. This trail race is perfect for training or for those simply looking to enjoy a morning run through the beautiful USNWC trail system.

2016 Course Map

Tuck Fest’s Flatwater SUP Race is perfect for the new paddler and the elite racer alike. Choose between the recreational 3 mile or the pro 6 mile distances, both of which start and finish on the Catawba River. This lap based race around Sadler Island will begin with a mass start from the USNWC flatwater dock. Participants are encouraged to bring their own gear. Board lengths for the recreational 3 mile race must be below 12′. The pro 6 mile is open to all board lengths. A limited number of SUP gear packages are available on a first come, first serve the morning of the race.

Racers will meet at the Catawba River dock. Racers renting equipment will need to do so at the Kayak Center prior to race start so they can be at the dock by race start time.

2015 Results

The K.O.G.H. is a four lap mountain bike challenge combining the USNWC’s most rewarding descents with its most brutal climbs.  The short course is centered around the summit of Goat Hill, and includes various non-traditional routes to create a unique loop unlike any that has been done before.

2016 Course Map

The Short-Track MTB Race will be a circuit race held on a single-track loop, contested for 40 minutes.  Racers will complete as many laps as possible during the allotted time, and will be given a one-lap-to-go warning at the beginning of their final lap.  All racers will finish on the leaders final lap and will be scored according to how many laps they completed.

2016 Course Map

Taking place around the world’s largest man-made whitewater river and through a portion of the USNWC’s single track trail system, this 2K race is the perfect introduction to trail racing for any child. Active parental support is encouraged throughout the course. Reserved for kids ages 9 and under.

2016 Course Map

The Baker’s Dozen Kayak Race race will test the strength and speed of each participant on the world’s largest manmade whitewater river. This mass-start race will begin in the upper pond. Boaters will complete 13 laps on the Wilderness Channel as quickly as possible while racing head-to-head.

For all whitewater races, participants must have prior experience on similar whitewater and provide their own equipment.

Mandatory pre-race check-in and pre-race meeting will take place at the Kayak Center 30 minutes prior to the race.

Boats must be plastic and no longer than 9 feet, C-1’s and K-1’s will race in the same category.

The freestyle kayak competition will be held at a feature along the whitewater channels determined on the day. Each competitor will be allotted three 45 second rides to display their best routine. Boaters will be judged on completed moves, style, and bonus trick points.

Pick up your paddle, strap on your PFD and helmet, and hop on your board for the SUP Enduro race. Similar to the format of the Kayak Bakers Dozen Race, participants will complete six laps navigating the various whitewater features of the Wilderness Channel. This will be a mass start, head-to-head race.

For all whitewater races, participants must have prior experience on similar whitewater in the same discipline (kayak or SUP). Participants must provide their own equipment.

Mandatory pre-race check-in and pre-race meeting will take place at the Kayak Center 30 minutes prior to the race.