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Start things off on the right foot or relax and unwind from a busy day at Tuck Fest with any of our various yoga sessions. Each 60 minute practice is open to all festival guests and will be led by a local instructor.

Participants should bring: water bottle & yoga mat.

SUP Yoga offers guests the chance to take their meditative exercise routine on the water atop Stand Up Paddle Boards. Practice will be led by a local certified instructor on the flatwater of the Catawba River. Limited boards are provided by the USNWC on a first come, first serve basis (space in the event is limited to 15 slots).

Please Check In at Flatwater Center to receive your paddle and PFD 30 minutes prior to start of demo

This USA Climbing Sanctioned Top Rope Competition will feature numerous routes of varying difficulty, which will challenge both skilled and beginner climbers. The competition will be held at the climbing center and feature routes from 35 to 45 feet.

Participants should check in 30 minutes prior to the event and there will be a competitors’ meeting 10 minutes before the start.